FET Graphic Web Design and Multimedia Courses

FET Graphic Web Design and Multimedia Courses in Zimbabwe


Course Availability: 2015 to end 2018
Qualification ID: 73390
Courses Included: Web Design, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and CorelDraw
Level: Level 4
Unit Standards - SAQA: 136

This course is delivered by 2KO Africa nationally and internationally and is SAQA certified

Exit level outcomes:
Communicate effectively in a first and second language
Use mathematical skills effectively in a workplace
Describe computer hardware and software
Describe the user of the internet and web
Describe the principles of Design
Develop and interpret design briefs
Explain the principles of graphic design
Perform basic graphic design operations
Computer Graphic Artist (Photoshop and CorelDraw)
Web Design (Dreamweaver)

Graphic Design professionals work alongside marketing, advertising and media teams, using their skills in visual communication to market products, thereby maximising profit growth for the client's business. This Certificate programme focuses on website design, production and interactivity. You will use state-of-the-art multimedia authoring and layout packages to bring your creative ideas to life. You will learn how to design, edit code, customise and enhance a variety of web design features.

Candidates accessing this Qualification should demonstrate their ability to read, analyse and reflect on study material at least on NQF Level 3. Candidates should be able to demonstrate:

Knowledge, comprehension and application of language at NQF Level 3/Grade 11 or equivalent
Basic knowledge, comprehension and application of Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3/Grade 11 or equivalent.

Course Outlines:
Adobe Photoshop
Exploring the Photoshop Environment
Understanding pixels and RGB
Working with Image Areas
Working with Layers
Enhancing Images
Saving Images for Web and Print
Managing Assets with Adobe® Bridge
Graphic Enhancement
Masking and Clipping Layers
Masking with Vector Paths
Enhancing Photographs
Creating Special Effects
Work with Video Files
Automating Tasks

Web Design
How the web works
Getting your pages onto the web
Why web design is not like print design
The web design process
Creating simple HTML pages
Formatting Text with HTML
Adding Graphic Elements
Adding Links
Colour on the web
All about web graphics
Creating gifs
Creating Jpgs
Animated gifs
Slicing and rollovers
Web Design Techniques
Building usable web sites
Web design Do's and Dont's

Adobe Indesign
Quick start tour of Indesign
Customizing the interface
Adjusting application preferences
Working with documents
Navigating Indesign Documents
Using Guides and Grids
Adding text to your layouts
Character formatting options
Paragraph formatting options
Formatting text with styles
Designing with tabs and tables

Adobe Dreamweaver
Understanding Internet and Web Designs
Planning & Designing a Website
Using Dreamweaver & HTML
Creating a Web Page
Stylizing Content
Creating CSS layouts
Adding Visual Content
Creating Navigation
Adding Multiple Pages
Creating a Contact Form
Testing & Uploading

Explore the various elements of the application
Create Graphical Objects
Format Objects
Manipulate text
Enhance a drawing
Manage styles, templates and symbols
Advance printing options


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